Sending January Birthday Flowers


2018 is finally here! With the calendar restarting, it's time to think about birthdays again. In San Jose, CA  there are tons of January birthdays and only so many ideas. Thankfully Rose Cart of San Jose knows how to make a statement.

January has two zodiac signs. Capricorn's element is earth, so when looking for a birthday gift more natural is the way to go. Blooming Basket Arrangement comes in a beautiful basket and the flowers are arranged to look like they were just pulled from the garden, making it the perfect January birthday gift.

Aquarius's enjoy light blue and silver tones to match their element, air. Hand Tied Rose And Hydrangea is an elegant arrangement that has hints of blue mixed in with white roses.

Send a personalized message and a gift with your arrangement to create a full birthday experience for the special Capricorn and Aquarius in your life. In San Jose, CA , Rose Cart of San Jose would like to help you make a January birthday statement.

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