Redecorate for Spring Cleaning with Flowers


Spring is the perfect time to clean and redecorate your house in San Jose, CA! After the long winter it feels amazing to organize and take out the things you have collected along the years. Here at Rose Cart Florist we understand it is sometimes hard to detach from our possessions, giving away or selling things that we no longer use makes us feel lighter in the long run. When we unclutter we also have more space to redecorate and change the ambience of where we live!

Flowers are a perfect way to add some color and change the feel of any environment. After your spring cleaning is done we suggest embracing the season by decorating with flowers! Here are some ideas of color palettes you can use this Spring!

Bright colors are perfect for after house cleaning! Say goodbye to good old winter days with bright sunny yellow lilies. Colorful flowers are fun and brighten up the room! Consider arrangements with hot pink, sunshine yellow, deep purple flowers. Look at the Shimmering Spring Surprise floral for some inspiration! This beautiful arrangement combines bright colors while still having some balance. Bright colors should be accompanied by bright smells. This spring try essential oils like grapefruit to keep a clean smell way after that initial spring clean. Embrace the bright colors this spring!

All white everything is also a powerful way to celebrate spring cleaning! Use this monochromatic pallet to make a statement. Try all white plates and table decorations to give your table a fresh look after spring cleaning. Take a look at My Sunny Daisy Bouquet for a table focal point. The white daisies are complemented by their yellow center. White lilies are another option to embrace this trend. When decorating after house cleaning, go with a simple all white flower arrangement to highlight the flowers or choose arraignments that have a more elaborate design.

After spring cleaning is the perfect time to reinvent your home decorations! As the flowers bloom, use these color palettes to make a statement in your home. After home cleaning, try using bright colors including pastels, whites, greens, and pinks to beautify any room that needs some flair and fun! What are you waiting for San Jose, CA? Clean, decorate and bloom with your local florist!

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