How to Decorate Your Home for Fall in 4 Easy Steps

Fall is the season for sweatshirts, nights by the fire and pumpkin spice everything. It is well-loved among many as it falls between the dog days of summer and bone-chilling winter nights. This season gives moderate temps that live among the best of both worlds.

Whether you recognize the season by the crisp, cool air or the overwhelming sight of Ugg boots and leggings, fall carries a wide array of icons that make it easily recognized by all. Whether you are soaking in the last days of summer or have already planned your Halloween costume, it is never too soon to start planning and transitioning your fall home décor.


How to Decorate Your Home for Fall in 4 Easy Steps

A home should be a safe space. It should be filled with warmth, comfort and beautiful memories. Changing your home décor with the seasons can pose a challenge. However, it can be an effective way to make a house feel more like a home, and in these uncertain times where home is the new “hangout,” changing things up will be more rewarding than inconvenient.

You can make decorating with the seasons a little easier on yourself this fall through the art of reusing and recycling decor. For the seasoned home decorators, this may be old news to you. Your craft closet and decorations are packed tight and alphabetized, but for those new to seasonal decorating, this is your chance to shine.

Who knows? Maybe veterans in home décor will learn something new too.

Step 1: Reuse and Recycle

Work smarter not harder. Decorating for each season can be made easier when you focus on décor that can be repurposed and reused. Seasonal décor should be something versatile and easily alternated. Keep the colors standard to avoid clashing, as color is important, but we will cover that later.

Mason jars are one example of interchangeable seasonal home decor. They are very simple but easily used and reused throughout seasons. They can be a part of a table setting or can be used as vases or as small accents in design. Fill the jars with faux berries and pumpkins for easy fall decor. They can be stationary at table place settings as a visual, and the items inside them can be removed and changed out as the seasons come and go.

Candles are another easy fall décor option. They are scented as a reflection of the season and can be put away until the following year with no issues. If you aren’t one for seasonal fragrances, stick with your favorite scent and pull out your seasonal candle holders to make it festive. Candle holders are easily stored, reused and add that extra fun touch for in seasonal decor. They make figuring out how to decorate your home for fall (or any season) simple.

Find some of your favorite seasonal scents, plugins and holders at Bath & Body Works® .

Step 2: Embrace Fall Icons

If you are looking for picture-perfect fall décor, you’ll need to embrace the season’s icons. No matter the base style of your home fall décor, you must embrace fall icons to truly tie in the overall look of your space.

Pumpkins, squirrels, leaves, sunflowers, apples and owls are among the most used icons in fall décor. They can be incorporated in many ways, and there is no one way to do it. Buy a couple of fall throw pillows. Head to your local craft store to get supplies to make a DIY fall wreath and/or invest in your favorite fall knickknacks for some extra emphasis on your fall home décor.

Step 3: Choose a Color Scheme

Color is important when it comes design because it is significant to the human mind. It evokes creativity and ideas, expresses messages, draws interest and generates emotions that are psychologically connected to a person’s reaction to color.

To no surprise- like many things- each season is associated with a different set of colors. This is important to understand when looking for décor options for each season. The most popular colors to consider for fall decor are red, yellow, light brown, dark brown, gold, burgundy, purple and olive green.

These colors should be considered and factored in when purchasing fall décor. They can be utilized in the icons you are using. Bows and ribbons can easily dress up the previously mentioned “reusable” décor for each season.

If you are looking to be a seasonal home decorator but don’t want to break the bank, start buying décor a year in advance. For instance, summer is wrapping up. Buy summer décor now and store it away. It will be heavily discounted.

Adding in the season’s primary colors can make all décor more interesting and relevant. This doesn’t just apply to the icons you pick or the bows and ribbons you choose to incorporate. It is most beautifully incorporated into your fall flower décor.

Step 4: Fall Flower Decor

This is our area of expertise: FLOWERS. However, in order to design flowers properly, you need to have an idea of what looks visually appealing. That is why working with your local florist when decorating your home with fall décor is so ideal.

Fall flower décor is interchangeable. Fall icons can be easily added in though the vase you choose, the ribbon that styles it or even throughout the fall flower arrangement. Your overall fall color scheme is made simple, as in-season blooms will draw appeal.

Look for flowers that embrace fall’s color. Orange, brown and purple are ideal shades. Talk with your local florist about availability with your preferred florals. We recommend chrysanthemums, pansies, celosia, aster and dianthus as blooms of discussion.

Fall flower décor isn’t just popular for its look. It also ties in nature. With fall being the season so loved for its envied temps, taking nature into your home with fall flower décor is your way of truly understanding and completing your fall home décor.

Fall in love with your home décor this autumn. Tis’ the season for embracing beauty and all that entails, loving in all capacities and packing away all the worries and uncertainties of 2020. Most importantly, fall is about embracing the moments that fill our hearts- many of which happen in our homes.

Embrace the comfy nature of the season. Make your fall décor undeniably you, your family and be sure it focuses on making your house feel like home. Our florists at Rose Cart of San Jose serving areas around Santa Clara, CA are here to create the flower arrangements that tie in your fall home décor.

While the season of fall is known for many things, the natural aspects of the season are its most prominent feature. A personally designed flower arrangement full of in-season blooms may be the final touch you need to truly complete your fall décor.

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