Fresh Ideas for Father's Day Gifts

All Men are created equal, but not all fathers are alike. This Father’s Day surprise the special men in your life with something that is unique to them. We are here to help with these TOP 10 Fresh Ideas for Father’s Day...

Whether it is your father, your husband or another important man in your life, Father’s Day is your opportunity to make them feel special because they have always made you feel special. There are the hipster dads, the basic dads, the down-to-business dads and of course, the hands-on dads.

Regardless of what type of dad he is, he is special to you and deserves to be celebrated. With each unique dad, there should be a unique gift. He’ll smile and love whatever it is you get him for Father’s Day but make it a goal to get him something that he can truly enjoy. Some dads love ties. They may even have a collection of ties, but other dads will never wear them. Shop accordingly. That is the place to start.

1. Personalized T-shirts

There is something extra fun about picking a personalized shirt for dad on Father’s Day. This growing trend has extended to uncles and grandpas. Most websites even let you personalize the shirt for the person’s exact name or nickname. Uncle Ryan, Papaw and Papa are just a few options. There are so many options to choose from, and many websites/shops give you the option to start from scratch.

Personalized t-shirts allow you to really capture the essence of the men you love so much. Whether it be your dad, grandpa or husband, there is a shirt for them. Some will make them laugh. Some will make them cry. Most importantly, they will make them feel special.

If you are expecting, and you want to announce your pregnancy to your husband in a cute way, consider a “Dad est. 2019” t-shirt. Set up a camera and capture his reaction. What better way to announce than on Father’s Day? Help him celebrate the exciting news with a day together. Soak in this joyous new together. It is meant to be memorable. When you are ready to announce your pregnancy to family or on social media, you will already be prepared. What cuter announcement is there than your husband’s genuine reaction?

“Awesome dads have beards and tattoos!” Play off your dad’s unique qualities and incorporate them on a personalized t-shirt this Father’s Day. He will be flattered to know you put so much thought into his gift. Plus, it is a fun and practical gift he can enjoy all year round. Same for grandpa. #1 Papa shirts are always a hit! They will happily parade around in their new shirts. The only issue is you’ll have to top it next year. Perhaps a personalized hat?

2. Monogrammed Wallet

Dad’s wallet is everyone’s wallet. At least we treat it that way. If you needed money, dad was the one to go to. We had the if mom said no, go ask dad mentality. If his wallet is such a vital part of his day-to-day, why not personalize it? There are many options when personalizing dad’s wallet this Father’s Day. Monogram it with his initials or personalize it for grandpa or dad’s taste. There is also an option to put a few sentence message on the inside fold. It adds the needed sentimental touch.

This gift is a daily reminder of how loved and thought of he is. Odds are, his wallet is falling apart at the seams. He needs a new one. Why not make it one he’ll love carrying around and showing off? Don’t let him walk around with a George Costanza-style wallet. Help him get his life and wallet organized with a leather wallet engraved with your loving words. Seeing that message every day is a priceless gift.

3. Beard Grooming Kit

If he has a beard, a beard kit is an ideal fit! The Beard Kit...It seems like a weird gift to give your dad for Father’s Day. However, it can be very useful. If your dad is a “No Shave November” type, consider giving him a personalized beard brush with a fun quote written across the side. “May your beard be with you.” If nothing else, it will make him laugh.

For the more hipster dad, consider a beard kit with all the essentials. He needs to stay on trend. For the on top of business dad, keep dad’s beard looking well-kept and clean with a grooming beard kit. Help dad keep his beard healthy and clean or shaved to perfection. Your mom will appreciate it.


4. Beer. Beer. Beer.

Give dad the gift of his favorite beer this Father’s Day or an assortment of them. Personalized beer labels and a personalized carrier are one way to make his beer Father's Day gift sentimental. Some websites even let you incorporate a family photo and a message. It may be too sentimental for him to drink, but he will appreciate the thought and have them displayed for everyone to see.

Personalized beer mugs and bottle openers may be a more resourceful gift. He’ll still enjoy the sentiment behind it but will also get to enjoy using it. If dad is more of a whisky drinker, a personalized bottle and whisky glass is bound to be his favorite gift this Father’s Day! If dad is not a drinker, there are other ways to personalize his favorite drinks. Get some #1 Pops labels made for some old-fashioned soda pop bottles. You can enjoy drinking the classics together. Plus, a fun pun is involved. You can’t beat that.

5. Snack Pack

Not every dad is a hot sauce connoisseur or a grill master. Some dads don’t wear ties or enjoy colorful socks, yet the most popular Father’s Day gifts say otherwise. Consider getting dad a personalized snack pack this Father’s Day composed of all his favorite treats. There won’t be stopping the grin that comes across his face.

His favorite snacks, a good movie and a gift card to his favorite lunch spot are just a few things you can incorporate into his gift. Add some sentimental touches and a sweet message to make it even more special. It will not only make dad’s day. It will make his Father's Day memorable. He will truly appreciate the thought you put into his gift that he’ll get to enjoy for the days to come. Plus, who wouldn’t love receiving an assortment of their favorite snacks?

6. Yeti Cooler

Nothing seems like a cooler gift this Father’s Day than a Yeti. Keep it fresh this Father’s Day. The list of bad puns could go on, but one thing remains the same. Coolers are almost always a Father’s Day gift hit. Have you ever noticed that dads seem to have an endless supply of coolers? They seem to go through coolers like they are going out of style, and they always seem excited about a new, improved one.

There are various styles of Yeti coolers- one for every occasion. Some are easier to carry to sporting events while others are more accustomed to a beach day or backyard barbeque. There are also various colors and decals to fit every personality. Regardless of which one you choose; dad is bound to love it! How much he will use it, who knows, but he’ll love it! Plus, he’ll need a place to hold all his personalized beer and snacks...

7. Bluetooth Speaker

Every dad deserves some time to himself. Whether it is watching some tv alone or listening to some music in his office, he deserves some him time. Consider a Bluetooth speaker as a fresh Father’s Day gift. Go for a camouflaged plant speaker to blend into the outdoors or a fun, goofy cartoon based one. The one you choose will depend on dad’s personality. Consider where he would use it the most and start from there.

A fun Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for all dads. The young and spontaneous dad will love to take it with him on his day-to-day endeavors. The more traditional dad can appreciate one in his office or out in the garage. Consider your dad’s hobbies and work from there. The gift, as a whole, is great for any dad, but the personalization is up to you to discover.

8. Grill

Maybe your dad is not one for cooking. Maybe he doesn’t know his way around a kitchen, but when he is in front of the grill, he considers it his domain. Consider the times. Men are just as encouraged to prepare a meal as women. Some just prefer the preparation be outdoors... at a grill. Is that too much to ask?

If dad is going to do the cooking, he might as well have something to cook on, or at least a grill that will encourage him to make dinner more often. It’s a win-win for dad and mom. If dad considers himself a grill master, consider getting him a grill to match the title this Father’s Day. Every year, grills get more advanced and user friendly. Make sure to do your research and read reviews before purchasing.

Is your dad a more traditional charcoal grillin’ type, or does he find flippin’ patties on a gas grill just as invigorating? Take some time to find the best price for the type of grill dad wants. It is important to determine the space he has, his preferred grill and the price that “MEATS” your budget. Have mom chillin’ while dad is grillin’ on his fresh new Father’s Day gift. You’ll be on both their good sides for at least a year... or at least until the warrantee runs out.

9. Grill Kit

For the dads who know their way around a grill and already have one, consider giving them a grill kit this Father’s Day. Personalize the items in his grill kit to fit his grilling needs. It’s amazing how much of your dad’s grill kit can formed to fit his personality. Stick with the traditional #1 dad engraved everything or deck him out in all his favorite sports team memorabilia. The theme may differ depending on the dad, but the message sent is the same. Let him know you were thinking about him and what he loves this Father’s Day.

His apron, the spatula, the flipping fork and all the other grilling utensils in his grilling kit will have a little extra flair when they symbolize something he loves. That way, every time dad uses them, he’ll be reminded of the thought you put into getting them for him. He is the “King of the Grill.” Now he has the skills and utensils to prove it.

10. Leisure Gifts

The point of fresh, new Father’s Day gifts is to meet dad right where he is. You are looking to surprise dad with something he will like and actually use. With every dad comes different perspectives, different interests and different leisure activities. When your dad is not working or spending time with his family, what does he enjoy doing the most? Now you have a place to start.

For the sporty dad, consider a new pair of golf clubs for his guy trips to the tee. Every golfer like every dad have their own unique style. If new clubs aren’t in your budget, consider surprising dad with some golf polos or Callaway gloves. Spring for some new golf shoes or hats for a perfect complimentary gift this Father’s Day. You could also use them as inspiration and spread the gifts out for his birthday and Christmas.

These gift ideas apply to any of dad’s leisure activities. If he isn’t a sports fan and is more of a homebody, surround-sound speakers or a universal remote may just be the exact gift to make dad’s Father’s Day the best. His interests should be your inspiration for finding the perfect Father’s Day gift.

What does your dad mean to you? Every relationship between a father and his children are different. Maybe you didn’t have a good relationship with your father. Your story is yours. Take Father’s Day as your opportunity to recognize the men in your life who mean the most to you. You may not have had the pleasure of growing up as their child, but they always stepped up when you needed them most. They always made you feel loved.

Make them feel special and thought of this Father’s Day. Our florists at Rose Cart of San Jose in Campbell, CA, are here to help in any way we can. Our dish gardens and succulents are great gifts for dad. For one, they add life and vibrancy to any space. Plus, it is the one plant they can’t kill! Start brain storming with these TOP 10 Fresh Ideas for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is around the corner. Ensure dad has the best one possible.

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