Flower Spotlight: Chrysanthemums



Here at Rose Cart of San Jose in San Jose, CA we see and use a lot of very beautiful flowers and want to tell you about one of our favorites. This week we want to put the spotlight a beautiful flower that is very popular this season Chrysanthemums, this amazing flower is sometimes called a Mum or a Chrysanths and is in the Asteraceae family. This festive fall flower is very popular at this time of the year because this is the time of the year where is available just about anywhere that sells flowers! Also Chrysanthemums are usually inexpensive flowers, so you can get a fresh bouquet of them for any occasion or even just to have. Mums also are a great flower because they come in a wide varieties of colors ranging from warm fall colors to bright and energetic spring and summer colors. They are the perfect companion for different flowers in a bouquet. Chrysanthemums shine in any type of arrangement and look great no matter where you put them. Some of our favorite Chrysanthemum arrangements are the ones that can be showcased in your home or office like the Fall Mum Plant in Wood chip Planter with its exceptionally stunning mum plant with orange accents in an orange wood chip planter it embodies everything fall and a great gift to bring for the Thanksgiving holiday. We also love the Bronze Mum Bushel Basket old button mum plant adorned with a handsome natural raffia bow, this arrangement has a graceful example of floral loveliness as it comes in a stained bushel pot cover container. These fall favorites are flowers that we love to use here at Rose Cart of San Jose! What is your favorite fall flower? If you are interested in ordering these amazing fall flowers please call us today so that we can help you choose a beautiful arrangement featuring chrysanthemums visit our website!

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